Easy to run complete HOME based business packages that are ready made. All you need is basic computer knowledge and a little training. This enables us to show you fully use, update & manage your business.

The secret of success is to find something unique, easy, fun & enjoyable to make. A home based business like this is just that. It's just as important to keep costs down. These packages are affordable & have also been designed to keep ongoing consumables to a minimum.

Before we begin, let's clarify one important factor - These business packages are "NOT LABOR INTENSIVE" or where your time means nothing.

The business is fun & simple, you will get your own website, shopping cart & all equipment to successfully run the business.

Website is optional as this business can be run from market, shop or other premises if wanting this as a part time or extra pension boost.

FACTS: A competent operator can make the product in less than 15 minutes which sells for an average of $40 excluding postage. If multi tasking you could easily make around 4 products per hour. = $160 per hour.

Cost of product around $5

Easy to sell with great re-order percentage.

What do we do?

We are a company that provides inexpensive proven unique Home Based &/or Market businesses.

Note: We will completely set you up with your NEW business. You will be given everything you need & you do not need any special skills, however creativity is desired.

Your customers will not only be impressed with the products you will create but you will be amazed at the re-orders you'll get.

Consumables (things that you will use to produce your products) are NOT expensive, nor is the equipment.

You will receive training, showing you & your partner (if applicable) the fundamentals on how to run your business. Check, change & create orders, show you how to change details to customers requests. We will show how to save costs & set up advertising accounts, how to package & post products.

Once you are confident we will let you get on with the running of your business.

If things go wrong we are still there to help, no charge (within reason) within the first 2 months, as we know things can go wrong, but we are not your boss. You work the hours you desire. It will be YOUR business.

Our products are unique to the industry which cannot be found anywhere in the world & are EASY to make. No glues, chemicals or a need for large areas.

In short, our business is to fully set you up in a home based business.

The Dream

To work from home: Switch on computer, have breakfast, check orders. Then in the afternoon, make your products, while you are ironing, checking the kids, or just watching television.

Are we a franchise?

A simple no! This way you are not bound by any franchise agreements.

Most franchises are just a way to get you, working for them. You end up under long contract & have NO SAY in how the business runs. You are bound by franchise rules, obligations & regulations.

I don't know about you, but I would rather own a business that is truly mine.

Being involved in a franchise is expensive to begin with, but in saying that, almost guarantees success however there are many pitfalls associated with them.

Dare you try and sway away from the franchise agreement and you could end up loosing everything. We are not saying that franchises are a bad thing, they can work well but you need to follows directions, so the saying "be your own boss" can be a little misleading, it is very hard work & you will have no or little say in anything.

Before we show pricing & give you a full run down of what the business offers, we ask that you please register your details. We will never give your details to any third party.

All we ask in return, is for you continue to buy consumables from us, however you have no obligations to do so. As the owner of a 4MyBusiness™ package you are in control, of your destiny. Please REGISTER HERE for more info.

Real or Bull

The packages we sell are real & already operating (making Money & this will be proven to you), there is no need to BUY information. It does not & will not involve constant harassment. It involves a little work, but there is not much to it. This is not a quick rich scheme, but it does offer an opportunity to earn a good income.

What are you waiting for? - NO OBLIGATION Please REGISTER HERE for more info.