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Our Business Name is I WAS HERE  ABN 27625595730 alias name "4 My Business"

Address: 1/7 Railway Terrace, Victor Harbor SA 5211

Phone: 0491 057 776

About the owner: 

Ralph has been in business for over 30 years. For the first 10 years, he owned a franchise, which quickly developed into over 10 franchisees.

When the franchise needed to get a website, the cost was over $3,000 ($7,000 in today's inflationary terms) for a simple 5-page website, including a logo that did not even suit the business name. 

The first page was the home page & the other 4 pages were only a copy of the main page but with a different shop picture and address details.

It took the web developers a couple of days to create, so this was good money for them for very little work.

The franchise was no longer viable in mid-2004 due to much cheaper digitalised services becoming available and so he needed to find a new solution in developing a new business and to secure the future.

Ralph looked deep into website builders' operations finding cheaper solutions elsewhere, to the point that he learned to do this all by himself.

Ralph started to learn how to make websites including HTML, JavaScript & other scripts in 2010 and was very glad that he did it back then because learning this in-depth meant that he now doesn't need to rely on other apps and/or plugins within the website building and hosting aspects.

Also, software was mainly used by web developers back then, but due to the development of apps, they have been reconstructed into plugins and are no longer available to buy. Instead, they are now used as a means to offer these as a service and integrate this into high monthly service fees.

Ralph purchased the necessary software for web building and monitoring websites and now utilising them to create new sites, therefore keeping costs to a minimum. 

The bottom line means after developing your website you won't be charged monthly app plugin fees to keep addons running on your site.

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