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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to give you after purchase?

We will set up everything for you, if you have a logo just send it to us or we will quickly design something that suits your business. If you need a complex logo then extra fees will apply. 

We also need to know your colour scheme & we will need some photos of your workplace (if applicable). Your ABN number. If you haven't got one, that's OK but we won't be able to register a domain name with a "(dot) com (dot) au" extension. We would need to set you up with a "(dot) com" domain. 

If you have photos, graphics or logos that you would like us to use, please send them to us. Any rights for those logos, graphics or photos should also be held by you as we will not be held liable for any actions that may be taken by a third party for using them.

Also, if there is something specific you require just ask us, otherwise just leave it to us and we will do some research on your business and come up with a design. I stress, just leave it to us, we are the experts.

If you need to add terms & conditions, terms of use and/or privacy policy, or need to include any certification or legislative info on your website please forward these to us & we will incorporate them into your website.

Do I get some of the moving text features like those on this site?

Yes! we will set them up for you, these can be changed or added on an ongoing basis for a small fee.

What if I don't like the website you set up for me?

When we begin work on your site, we will send you a special website address, where you can view your under-construction site. We will invite you to see the initial colour scheme & layout. Note: Layouts of objects/forms, headers/footers or sidebar, will not change significantly as responsive screens need to react with the user's screen size. Any action you don't desire like newsletter, search, ask a question etc., can be removed or disabled.

Once you have accepted the colour scheme & layout it cannot be changed. (small tweaks accepted).

I know very little about websites will you help me?

We will show you how to easily change text or other details on your website. If you would like us to change details, text or images on your site on a regular basis then extra monthly fees will apply. 

Management of your website is included but is delimited to tweaks, and upgrades. If you would like more detailed management then we will negotiate a fee with you depending on the regular work involved.

Will you add all our products to our website?

We will set you up with a few products as templates, show you how to add extras including cloning similar entries & make changes to suit. Further additions, catalogues etc will incur an additional fee to do this on your behalf. Keep in mind that we will show you how to & set up a few for you.

Will you set me up with a merchant facility so I can accept Credit Cards?

We use Paymate as our Credit Card merchant provider & will integrate this into your website if you desire. We use Paymate because there are no monthly fees and low processing fees. You will need to provide them with all the necessary details to open an account.

If you have a Paypal account (personal or business) we can also set this up for you. We use a personal account as once again it's easier and cheaper this way. We will also integrate this into your account if desired.

We can also set up, direct deposit and/or pickup options if desired.

If I already have a domain name will you use this?

Yes, and we will help to point your domain name to our server.

If I already have a Host can you use mine?

No, sorry this is due to platform differences & usage restrictions. Many also charge extra fees for adding apps to their server. We would like to keep your site running with minimal costs. 

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